DWDM Koordinator (all gender)

Ort: Düsseldorf oder München

Typ: Dienstleistungsvertrag oder befristete Festanstellung
Dauer: 12/2021 mit Option auf Verlängerung


Capability Requirement
1. Very good knowledge of the transport technologies
2. Knowledge of all common transmission technologies such as xWDM, Ethernet/IP, MPLS, OSPF
3. Several years of experience in coodination regarding new construction and conversion of xWDM
4. Well knows the process and specification of xWDM project from Telefonica Germany network
5. Well known of the tools of Telefonica Germany
6. German Speaking required


1. The E2E coordinator is responsible for the planned projects and the rollout results achieved, including compliance with deadlines, the approved budget and the quality of results.
2. The coordinator is thus the contact person with overall responsibility for the TEF in a defined region of Telefónica.
3. Project management / Proactive project tracking
1) Ensuring status values (target, planned and actual) are maintained in the workflow systems daily in accordance with the Purchaser's process specifications.
2) Interpretation, channeling and forwarding targeted incoming information that he receives as an interface between the trades or rollout phases.
3) Monitoring and coordination the rollout phases (commissioning, concept creation, BTB planning, ordering, installation, integration, and acceptance) with the aim of complying with the agreed service level agreements (SLA, deadlines, and quantity baseline).
4) Coordination the various projects at a site, considering the owner's concerns.
5) SLA reporting related to the performance of the respective trades as well as weekly project reporting to the Purchaser.
6) weekly updating of forecasts and reports based on the multi-projects created using the 'multi-project' reporting (target, plan and actual) and shows deviations from the required baseline.
4. Problem-/Risk management
1) Creating transparency for obstacles in the rollout phases that affect the overall rollout.
2) Early identification and analysis/assessment of problems or potential risks and conflicts that may arise in the overall rollout.
3) Initiate countermeasures to solve the identified problems or to eliminate risks and conflicts.
4) If necessary, re-prioritization of multi-projects in consultation with the Purchaser.
5) Initialing escalations towards the Purchaser if he cannot solve the problem in cooperation with the delivery managers and SPOCs.

5. E2E control includes ensuring the subsequent activities (execution is the responsibility of the respective contractor)
1) Timely provision of the HLD planning for the fulfilment of the baseline requirements. The HLD planning is carried out by the Purchaser or optionally by the contractor.
2) Triggering of necessary service orders
3) Coordination of project changes with affected LOS contractors as a result of necessary adjustments in the connection concept after completion of the HLD.
4) LLD creation
5) Rack design creation
6) Parameter creation
7) Realization of the infrastructure work, incl. the contract-relevant topics with the owner of the site
8) Implementation of the network elements (passive xWDM)
9) Integration of the network elements
10) Acceptance of the network elements


Sollten Sie sich von dieser Aufgabe angesprochen fühlen, so freuen wir uns auf Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung bzw. Projektbeschreibung unter Angabe von Verfügbarkeit und Gehaltsvorstellung.
Ansprechpartner: Andrea-Michaela Huber • Phone: 0176 1322 5075 • E-Mail: cv@gimcon.com