Do you operate in one of our company fields and have a very promising idea, a project, an order or simply a good connection to a decision-maker, and the only thing you need to complete execution of your work or business plan is a reliable partner?

Or are you a freelancer with connections to a potential client, and simply need an agency which can handle the contractual side?

Then we might be the right partner for you, so let’s arrange a personal meeting to find out.

Job Title Location Posted Details
Mitnutzungskoordinator (all gender) Düsseldorf14.06.2019Show Details
Kaufmännische Assistenz (all gender) Münster14.06.2019Show Details
Bauleiter (all gender) (Mobilfunk Neubau)Stuttgart11.06.2019Show Details
Bauleiter (all gender) MobilfunkstandorteNürnberg11.06.2019Show Details
Bauingenieur (all gender) (Neubau Mobilfunkmasten)München11.06.2019Show Details
Technische Assistenz (all gender) (Mobilfunk, NetSite)Düsseldorf05.06.2019Show Details
Colocation Manager (all gender) (Funkstandorte)München 23.05.2019Show Details
Core Projektmanager (all gender) (5G, Mobile Core Transformation)Kopenhagen, Dänemark15.06.2019Show Details
Technische Assistenz (all gender)Hamburg16.05.2019Show Details
Bauüberwacher (all gender) TiefbauFrankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden, Mainz10.05.2019Show Details
Dokumenten Prüfer (all gender) (NetSite)Düsseldorf26.04.2019Show Details
Abnahmespezialist (all gender) von MobilfunkstandorteRegion Mitte /​ West /​ Süd-West25.04.2019Show Details
Baukoordinator (all gender) (NetSite)Teltow23.04.2019Show Details
Bauingenieur (all gender) (Funkstandorte)Nürnberg15.03.2019Show Details
Bauüberwacher (all gender) (Glasfaserstrecken)Schwerin31.01.2019Show Details
Akquisiteur (all gender) (Immobilieneigentümer)Hamburg24.01.2019Show Details
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